Anchor Ravi’s Fantastic Reply to Netizen

Anchor Ravi, who makes sure to stay in headlines with rumors of his closeness with co-anchors, has recently given an apt reply to the comment of a netizen.

Anchor Ravi
Anchor Ravi

Ravi has the other day posted a cryptic message on his Facebook page. He didn’t explain the situation but asked followers for a solution.

“Nuvvu elanti thappu cheyyaledhu…kaani nuvvu ishtapade vaalu nee thappe antunaaru :( nee thappu kaadhu ani proof kuda nee degara ledhu :( narakam ra babu!! :( situation easy ga theesukolemu, vaalaki explain chesina manalni nammuthaaru ani anukolemu :( emaindhi ani adagodhu bhayya…kaani solution unte ivvandi,” Ravi posted.
He was soon flooded with comments and solutions. A person slammed Ravi for his double meaning dialogues. ‘We are unable to watch your overaction so first set yourself right and then teach lessons to other,’ he commented.

Ravi was quick to respond saying, ‘Chudaleka chasthunaam antune choosthunav chudu…idhi mama maa success ante’.

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