Anchor Ravi responds on Chalapathi Rao’s controversy

Anchor Ravi has become the care of controversies in small screen nowadays. He got highlighted in the famous Chalapathi Rao’s bad remarks about women.


The pre-release function of Naga Chaitanya’s Rarandoi Veduka Chudham has become a stage for a new controversy in Tollywood. When Chalapathi Rao said that women are useful in beds, he was ridiculed by all the celebrities. Lately, Anchor Ravi has been underlined by his haters. They claim that Ravi backed up Chalapathi Rao’s comments by saying Super. However, Ravi has come up with his video byte to control the damage for his image. He claimed that he said super as the audience are cheering up and moreover he didn’t hear what actually Chalapathi Rao said due to some technical problems in the sound department. He declared that he did raise the topic of Girls only for fun and he always respects them.

For now, the focus will remain more on Chalapathi Rao, and people might forget Ravi. But it is the time that some anchors of Tollywood should rework on their counters and non-vegetarian stuff in the movie functions.

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