Anchor Rashmi denies rumors about her marriage

Rashmi Gautam is one of the busy anchors in Telugu TV Industry. She is also trying to establish herself as an actor, and slowly she is getting some good offers after the success of Guntur Talkies.

Anchor Rashmi Gautam
Anchor Rashmi Gautam

Recently, Rashmi went to Vizag for an inauguration, and there she spoke about her love for the city and told to media, that she loves the city a lot and would love to settle there someday. This has been represented as she will marry someone from Vizag and is already in plans to do so. Some even wrote that she is already in love with someone from Vizag, she gave such a statement.

But the actress revealed, “I don’t know how people end up contemplating things in such a manner. I never meant to marry someone from Vizag, when I said I would like to settle down in the city. I love the city and settling down doesn’t mean getting married. I any case, I’m not looking to get married at this point of time.”

Rashmi can be seen playing one of the leads in Geeta Arts and UV Creations production, with Aadi Saikumar as hero.

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