Anchor Pradeep Attends Counselling Session

Pradeep Machiraju, the celebrity TV host who was caught driving his car under the influence of alcohol finally attended the counseling session. A lot of people have attended the counselling session already but Pradeep postponed it because of his prior commitments. He finally took time today and attended the counselling session along with his father. There were rumours that he was absconding but finally, he came up with a video where he revealed that he was busy with the shoot.

Anchor Pradeep Counselling
Anchor Pradeep Counselling

Pradeep attended the counselling session at Goshamahal police station. Pradeep watched three documentary movies along with his father. Pradeep sat in the first row and also revealed that he will never commit the mistake again. He also urged everyone to follow the traffic rules and asked to avoid driving while drunk.

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