Anchor Lasya Secretly Married Raj Tarun?

Anchor Lasya has become one of the noted anchors with her healthy facial expressions and smooth talkative ability, in a very short span. The anchor is now rumored to have secretly married young Tollywood hero Raj Tarun.

Anchor Lasya and Raj Tarun Marriage
Anchor Lasya and Raj Tarun Marriage

An intimate picture of Raj Tarun and Lasya is currently going viral on social media. It is heard that the duo has been in a serious relationship for a long time and when their families refused for their wedding, the duo secretly married. Interestingly, neither Lasya nor Raj Tarun has so far responded to this gossip to silence the gossipmongers. Their stoic silence is actually making the enthusiastic people believe this rumor.

In fact, Lasya has been linked with anchor Ravi in the past. There have been several rumors about their closeness but her alleged relation with Raj Tarun has seen the light.

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