Anchor Anasuya’s Remuneration Shocks Producers

After becoming very popular on the television circuit with ‘Jabardasth’ and several other shows, Anasuya made a decent transition to the silver screen and scored two blockbusters in her first two attempts.

Anasuya Remuneration
Anasuya Remuneration

Anasuya’s negative role in Kshanam and glamorous avatar in Nagarjuna’s Soggade Chinni Nayana were well received. With the two successes, it is heard that Anasuya is now demanding not less than Rs 40 Lakh to sign any film.

The filmmakers, who have shown interest to make films with her, are reportedly distancing themselves after knowing the quote of Anasuya. They feel that despite the two films starring Anasuya did quite well she had nothing to do with the success of those films.

Anasuya has not signed any other film after Kshanam, and she has gone back to do television shows. Many opines that if she doesn’t slash her remuneration, she won’t be offered even the blink and miss roles in films.

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