Anchor Anasuya slammed by trolls for the Video

Jabardasth Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj who is an active person on the social media has come up with a complaint to the Hyderabad traffic police. She made the complaint online by posting a video of a man in the driver seat watching a video on his phone as he drives in high traffic. The actress feels that it is negligence on the part of the driver and she requests the cops should take severe action against him.

Anasuya Trolled by fans in Twitter
Anasuya Trolled by fans in Twitter

As soon as she posted this, people started trolling her and said that it is not fair to take someone’s video without their consent.

Anasuya tweeted, “Dear @HYDTP This scares the life out of me sir.. I already faced an accident because of someone else’s fault.. please do not let such careless drivers get away with doing anything they want to.. they do not have right on the lives of everyone else on the road..please sir??”

After receiving a backlash she then tweeted, “Oh la la!!!!So much of a trolling for one genuine concern!!!! conscience is contended though..I guess l’d be just fine with it that I know I made some news again?..but a kind request to all my dear media friends..please spread the right thing this time???. And anyway!! Nighty night my loves!!! Your Anasuya Bharadwaj is actually a nice person and means no harm.. nothing to over understand or misunderstand..quite straight I am no in what I say/do?? Always love and only love!!! Now off everybody?”

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