Anchor Anasuya Fired on Allu Arjun Fans!

Anasuya Comments on Allu Arjun Look in Gangotri
Anasuya Comments on Allu Arjun Look in Gangotri

Jabardasth Anchor Anasuya expressed her views recently in an interview about Allu Arjun’s look in his very first film “Gangothri”. She said that “ I hated Allu Arjun the most when he made his debut with ‘Gangothri’. Ante, Mega Family aithe…hero ayipothara. Asalu aa patalo langa voni vesi chesaru…Asalu choodalekapoyanu nenu“. She also said that her favourite hero is Allu Arjun.

After her statement, Allu Arjun fans started her abusing with bad words through social media. So she once again comes to clarify on this issue. She was upset with some of Bunny fans and fired on them. Have a look her posts on social media.

Anchor Anasuya Tweets About Allu Arjun Fans

“You all call youself Allu Arjun’s fans?I M not sorry to say that you guyz are not fit to be civilized human beings..look at the abusive language you use..mee intlo aadavaallunnara asalu? Do u think Allu Arjun will appreciate or even approve this kind of support? Asalu midi midi gnanam to enta chetta ga react autunnaru! I feel sorry for the women in your families..

Coming to what i said about Allu Arjun.. Watch da below link from 12:35-13:40 .. N then lemme c how you guyz are gonna take your abuse back. Inta kuda samskaram lekunda..ekkada poindi mee telivi.. Adi trimmed video..pade pade ade kavalani play chestunnaru ani ardham kaleda.. Konni websites vaari chatakaani tanaanni ilanti irrelevant cheap tricks play chestu tympass chestunnai..don’t youu get that?”, Anasuya posted on her Facebook

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