Anasuya’s Fitting Reply To A Troller

The film personalities, especially of those in Telugu film industry, usually face the heat from the fans and common goers as well as social media users for one or the other reason unnecessarily. The same has happened several times in the past with several people. Anasuya Bharadwaj is one among them who has been a target for the trolls in the past.

Anasuya's Fitting Reply To A Troller
Anasuya’s Fitting Reply To A Troller

Now, she received some comments on the dress she wore recently. A person has commented about an outfit she wore for a TV show and Anasuya has strongly commented on the same and gave a fitting reply to the person. “I have complete freedom of choosing my clothes. If you have any problem, ignore me but dont interfere in other’s activities.” said Anasuya.

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