Anasuya’s Cuss Words against THEM

Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj, the current sensation in Telugu TV arena, is also known for her outspoken attitude on social media. The beautiful lady has now used cuss words in her latest Facebook post and here is the reason.

Anchor Anasuya Cuss Words
Anchor Anasuya Cuss Words

A guy named Vasanth Paul has shared on Facebook the incident where along with the help of an Auto Rickshaw Driver, he had saved a girl from being gang-raped. Anasuya got so angry after she came to know about the gang-rape incident that she made a lengthy post not just to praise the courageous man who helped the girl but also to vent her fury at such rape-mongering monsters.

‘I donno this man but i know he IS THE MAN!!I am proud of u!! I donnowatelse to say..I feel angry for those assholes i feel grateful for vasanth being ther and for da girl saved from being gang raped. I mean when!!When is it gonna stop!!I feel disgusted wid the thought f da thought processes f such monsters wid such heinous intentions,’ wrote Anasuya on Facebook.

She added, ‘I always used to think that no one is born bad,they choose to become bad eventually,so therz always a choice to pull urself out from bad too’.

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