Anasuya Angry On False Speculations

A lot of rumors in the social media have recently reported that multiple TV hosts were also involved in the prostitution racket that was busted in Chicago. A lot of media houses have reported that Anasuya Bharadwaj gave her reaction to this but in reality, Anasuya said that she does not make any comment on it.

Anasuya False Allegations
Anasuya False Allegations

Giving more clarity, she has written on social media, “As much as I want to keep myself away from unnecessary issues. I am being mentioned in the most disrespectful manners by few social media handles and on all possible platforms. It takes a lot to make the identity one wants. If you aren’t encouraging at least do not take liberty in image damaging. If I have any opinion on any issue I am right here to express it. As long as I personally don’t then whoever says anything it is them saying not me.” wrote Anasuya Bharadwaj on her social media profile.

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