Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

What it’s all about?


Anandatandavam is all about life, family, emotions, sentiment, love etc. But the film is not an entertainer in the strictly commercial sense and it is more like some sort of an art film packaged as a commercial film.


The plot:


The plot looks interesting at first. A middle class educated boy falls in love with the daughter of a rich chief engineer. The boy Raghu (Siddharth) comes to his home after completing his education. The parents of Madhu (Tamanna) are very practical and they encourage their daughter to fall in love with Madhu. Raghu’s father has some reservations but Raghu brushes them aside.


Just when Raghu is about to get married to Madhu, the wedding is called off by Madhu’s parents. The reason is that they have now found a rich NRI groom for their daughter. Madhu marries this rich guy and goes away to the US.


Raghu is shocked and he tries to commit suicide. But he is rescued and his dad then asks him to go to the US to pursue higher studies and also tells him to make lots of money so that he can lead a luxurious life. Raghu also puts his love failure behind him and goes to the US. Raghu meets Rukmini in the US and starts liking her. As fate would have it, Madhu is in the same place as Raghu.


Madhu is a friend of Rukmini as well. Just when Raghu decides to marry Rukmini, Madhu comes to him and pleads with him to take her away with him to India. She tells Raghu that her marital life is in a very bad shape and that her husband is ill treating her.


Raghu is now caught between Madhu, his former lover and his current fiancé Rukmini. What happens next is the suspense element that unfolds on the silver screen.


The actors:


The film focuses on Tamanna for a major part in the first half. Tamanna does a good job and she also is quite seductive. But she has gone overboard with the act of an innocent teenager. In some scenes, we are not sure if she is plain dumb or if she is suffering from some sort of a mental ailment.


Siddharth is okay and he plays out his part as a loving son and also as a confused lover and teenager quite convincingly. Rukmini is good looking and her classical dance as well as a fast song number is good. The rest of the star cast is okay. Music is average while cinematography is okay.


The bottom line:


The film comes up with an interesting storyline but the director fails to translate it on to the silver screen in an effective way. The film runs at leisurely pace and the sloppy editing is very irritating, to say the least. The film tests the patience of the audience and many people actually make a dash to the exit door even before the climax come to an end!

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