Anaganaga Oka dheerudu Movie Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is.


An elephantine sum spent on an amateur and seemingly juvenile script.


Plot :

There’s an island kingdom in trouble unable to free itself from the evil grasp of Empress Irendry ( Manchu Lakshmi ), who along with the corrupt pandits of the island have tricked the people into superstitions and slave like living. When a bunch of kids fall ill to snake poison, one of the fathers’ decides to travel across the island and bring Moksha. Moksha is believed to be a blessed girl capable of miracles. The ashram Moksha lives in is also home for Yodha ( Siddharth playing a blind solider/guardian in that community ).


Yodha’s past where he had gone blind and Priya’s ( Shruthi Hasan ) link to Irendry’s rebirth is the rest.


What’s Good?

The trailer is good enough to confirm the quality of visual effects and the cinematography. Splendid.


Other than that, I liked the titles and the end credits.


What lacks quality?

The writing is a slight improvisation of our ‘ Bhairava Dveepam ‘ sort of films and had obscured the impact of the superb visual effects with its boring unintelligence. Though the main outline seems good enough, the scenes that are supposed to fill within the outline are a little boring than ‘extremely boring’.


The dialogue, action episodes and the sets in particular haven’t got much class. The film never takes you to that another world and the amateur sets has made most sequences seem like the songs we have in brightly lit sets.


Actors :

Siddharth was almost good enough and had worked out the period accent pretty well. Shruthi Hasan wasn’t that bad too, she didn’t seem like one of those new faces struggling to pull out subtle expression.


Lakshmi was covered in not so suitable lustrous colours and overdone ‘Narnia’ like costumes which tried to create a performance that would kind of scared the kids and all, but, I guess kids might find it to be anything but scary.


Verdict :


A must watch for anyone who enjoys sleeping in theaters.

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