Amrita Arora is not anorexic

MUMBAI, JUNE 01 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Amrita Arora is not too amused these days. In what can be called an irony of sorts, Amu is tired of greetings like ‘Hey, you are looking so thin’. Now while most girls would love to get such compliments, Amrita has a different take. Says a hassled Amrita, “I have always been really thin, and it is not an overnight change. But now that everyone is getting hooked on to the ‘zero size’ mania, they try to draw a direct reference. And at end of the day, it is getting on to me, especially since I am not trying to replicate anyone.”

Well Amrita, we do understand how it feels when all your efforts go unnoticed till a certain style diva initiates the trend. But then haven’t you heard of the proverb – Make hay while the sun shines?

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