AMMA against harsh movie reviews!

The Association of Malayalam Movie Artists or AMMA had its annual general body meeting yesterday and it was quite an event, with all the stars of Mollywood gathering under one roof to discuss problems affecting the industry and other relevant topics.

You can imagine the sheer ‘star value’ of the meeting with everyone from Mohanlal and Mammootty to all the young stars and veterans in attendance!


The selfie trend becoming quite the ‘in thing’ these days in such high profile events, the Mollywood biggies too posed for a couple of those, which, needless to say, have become extremely popular in the social media and is now bordering on that coveted viral status.

Now, in the meeting, several key decisions were made and some things were finally voiced out loud for the media to hear.

Actor Innocent, who is currently the Member of Parliament from Chalakkudy, was hoping to step down as the President of AMMA (a post which he has held for years), in order to concentrate more on his new responsibilities. But the organization requested Innocent to complete his current tenure and so it looks like the beloved comedian will continue at the helm of AMMA.

There was also another issue raised at the event – harsh movie reviews on television channels!


Yes, it seems certain movie review shows on the air, specifically those on channels Reporter and Indiavision, are being a bit too hard on the movies being released these days.

That by itself wouldn’t be much of a problem – it’s a free country after all – but AMMA feels the extreme critiquing and severe reviews aired almost immediately as the movies are out, mostly for entertainment value, adversely affects the people’s opinion of the flicks and by extension their financial prospects. So they say with no reservation that this has to stop!

Do they have the right to say that? Not really, or so one guesses, but it will be mighty interesting to see the reaction of the channels to this rather authoritative demand.


AMMA also stated that television channels should pay the organization the money it’s due for holding award shows and such. That’s only fair as they are cash cows for the regional channels these days and a welcome relief from regular programming at times.

All in all, a productive day for the movie industry as a whole and a spectacle for the media..

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