Amithab defends Indian cricket team!

The Indian cricket team is getting brickbats after it lost its World No.1 Test crown to England. But Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan supports the team, saying that rubbing them off completely after the loss is a ruthless way of dealing with the situation.

"For years and till not too far away, our cricket team and its captain (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni were the masters. One loss in England and suddenly they are incompetent. People reaction is as subtle and as ruthless as this," Big B posted on his blog

"It requires immense acumen to be where they put you and in some manner to maintain it. Some understand the futility and the improbability of the situation and reconcile to it. Others and many others do not. Once there, they believe they are there and nowhere else. This is not entirely an adverse situation."

"It is quite possible that it thrives too. Others succumb to the moment, understand and accept. This is not entirely wrong too. Both can co exist, its a matter of reconciling with its complexity," Bachchan added.

Earlier this week, Indian team tasted humiliating defeat after they lost the series by 3-0. The newspapers and the cricket legends have been criticising their performance in foreign turf by calling it Indian team’s worst performance in recent years.(IANS)

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