Amisha harassed at Kolkata airport

Amisha Patel’s jaunt to Kolkata for a professional commitment yesterday morning turned out to be her worst nightmare. Amisha was allegedly mistreated by airport security staff, leaving her indignant. She has now written a formal letter to the head of the security staff at the airport complaining about the same.

An eye witness said, "Amisha was at the security check around seven in the morning when she had an altercation with a woman at the security check. Amisha was polite but the lady was extremely rude; when Amisha asked for a tray to place her bag in, the lady threw her bag. Amisha told her that the least she could do is smile and be polite. However the lady was in a grumpy mood and gave Amisha a piece of her mind.

Amisha was so annoyed that she went to speak to the head of the security staff. Here she was given an explanation that the lady had been working night shifts and was thus grumpy.

When Amisha requested that the least she could have done was to be polite, she was told that the security staff has an army background and so they are rude.

Amisha insisted that she would complain against the lady who was rude to her and wrote about this incident and gave it to the security guard."

The eye witness further wrote, "Amisha was seen talking to the officials of the airline which she was traveling with and they also voiced her opinion that the security staff was extremely rude. Amisha though expressed her doubts if the letter would do any good."

When contacted Amisha Patel said, "I don’t wish to comment on the incident."


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