Ameesha-Kanav part ways

Ameesha Patel and her NRI boyfriend Kanav Puri’s relationship has ended. The couple had been dating for nearly three years before their relationship hit troubled waters nearly eight months ago. The key reason for their recent split was that Kanav can’t wait to tie the knot while Ameesha wants to give one more shot to her flailing acting career and marriage is the last thing on her mind.

A source said, “There has been major trouble between Ameesha and Kanav for quite some time now. While Kanav has been constantly speaking of settling down with Ameesha, marriage is not on her priority list right now. In fact, he had proposed marriage to her when he had come down to India to celebrate her birthday in June last year. Much to his dismay, Ameesha has been dilly-dallying ever since he officially asked her to marry him. Evidentl , Kanav was getting quite restless.” Another reason why Ameesha isn’t in a hurry to tie the knot is that she recently patched up with her estranged parents. “It has made Ameesha all the more emotionally secure, which undoubtedly is a good thing, but has resulted in her putting her relationship with Kanav on the back burner. Ameesha was a loner for a really long time after separating from her family and her subsequent break up with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. She had found solace with Kanav but the emotional vacuum is no longer there and Amee ha doesn’t miss Kanav like she used to now that she has her parents and brother Ashmit back in her life,” added the source.According to the source, Kanav had come to India in early December to once again ask Ameesha about her decision to get married to him but she thinks that tying the knot would mean professional hara-kiri and so had
asked for more time.

The source said, “There is so much tension that both have stopped speaking altogether. The marriage plans have definitely gone for a toss with frequent fights taking a toll on their relationship. They have now decided to take time off from each other. While Ameesha is concentrating on her career, Kanav does not want to wait any longer and things are beyond repair.”

We sent a text message to Ameesha but she remained unavailable for comment.(TOI)


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