Ameesha is still in love

Despite rumours that Ameesha Patel and Kanav Puri have split, buzz has it that the couple are still very much together. A friend of the couple said, “The story of their split is untrue. In fact, the two brought in Valentine’s Day together and spent a romantic day together.

Kanav is a frequent traveller and Ameesha makes it a point to meet up with him in Delhi before he heads abroad. Recently too, when Kanav was heading to the UK for several months, Ameesha spent quality time with him and returned to Mumbai only after Kanav left.

Ameesha, who is known to be an affectionate person, gives a lot of time to her relationship, no matter how busy she is. Kanav’s mom is known to be quite fond of her too. “They consider Ameesha family now. The couple plan to settle down soon,” adds the source.(DC)

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