Ambati Rambabu caught into sex scandal by ABN

ABN Andhra Jyothy, a Telugu news channel has telecasted a shocking truth today about an official spokesman of YSR Congress party, Ambati Rambabu about his involvement in sex scandal. The telecast is all about a telephonic conversation showing how Rambabu deals with female activists and calls them to his house in the nights. Ambati Rambabu caught into sex scandal by ABN.

ABN has recorded a conversation between the Rambabu and one female activists where he called her to his residence at Anandnagar at 9 pm in the night. ABN claims, the female victims of Rambabu visited ABN office and shared about how Rambabu harassed them sexually. The victims also seem to have said to ABN that, to meet Jagan, they need to first satisfy Rambabu sexually at his house.

Now that Rambabu belongs to YSR Congress party being an active spokesperson, with this incident of him caught in sex scandal would ultimately spoil the party’s name. And its also heard that there are few more Rambabus in the party and Jagan should remove them all from the party.

Rambabu stopped the telecast of this recorded conversation by ABN in TVs in some areas of Hyderabad and Guntur to which he belongs to.

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