Ambanis to have a Bollywood bash

In their first direct overture, Anil and Tina Ambani are a throwing a real power bash for Bollywood.This Sunday, everyone will head to the suburbs where Anil and Tina Ambani are throwing a big bash. This is probably the first time that they’re doing so for Bollywood.

Our source said, “The Ambanis made their presence felt in Bollywood long ago and are one of the biggest companies right now. However, till date, they had not come forward and made any appearances at their Bollywood events. Now, though, they have decided to actively be part of the scene and have announced a party for Sunday evening at one of the suburban five-star hotels.

The party has been thrown to celebrate the success of their recent films Paa, 3 Idiots and Rock On, which have won many awards. Anil and Tina have personally invited all the major names in Bollywood. At the grand event, major announcements will also be made about their upcoming parties. It is an exclusive evening with the cast and crew of their films and all the bigwigs from Bollywood will be present.”

It sounds like quite a mela, with a generous mish-mash of stars with the lesser-known mortals. The source further said, “The invites have reached everyone from Amitabh Bachchan to the three Khans and even the smallest actors in Bollywood.”

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