AMB Cinemas-Better or Bitter for audience

Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu has recently started his own theatre franchise associated with the Asian cinemas as ‘Asian Mahesh Babu’ (AMB), which is located in Gachibowli. First film that has premiered was Rajnikanth’s ‘2.0’. It had a grand opening with all the celebrities like Raghavendra Rao, Krishna and most of the film town has been there during the opening ceremony.

AMB Cinemas
AMB Cinemas

As soon as a news spread out about the Asian Mahesh Babu cinemas, all the film lovers include in the Mahesh Babu fans have booked their tickets to experience the film in the theatre of their favourite celebrity. Unfortunately, they have to face a bitter experience here too. Like every other theatre, AMB also have few issues regarding parking space for the audience. Since, the crowd was huge, there should be a proper coordination to avoid jam. But, it was not as we expected as ended up being a mess. Also, the staff of the cinemas seems to be lacking in professional behaviour.

Expecting a world class cinema experience from AMB, all the audience and fans expressed disappointment regarding the experience at the cinemas. These are prominent issues that play a pivotal role for the audience experience. If Mahesh Babu could identify and resolve the issues, AMB can be what it expected it to be!

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