Amazing questions on Swetha Basu’s issue


Swetha Basu Prasad’s issue is now getting huge attention from entire film industry. As Swetha is popular in both Tollywood and Bollywood, people from both the industries are now supporting this girl in all possible ways.

Shwetha’s onscreen mom in a Bollywood serial, Sakshi Tanwar posed several questions to the media. She supported Swetha saying that it is not at all correct to blame a young girl leaving all the main culprits who are her clients. She demanded media to expose the men behind Shwetha’s aspect before pointing out this lady.

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Rajamouli, Manchu Vishnu and few other Telugu celebrities appreciated the question of Sakshi Tanwar. In fact, the questions posed by Sakshi has lot of meaning and are quite on the point. Hence, they are now getting huge support from entire South Indian and North Indian film spectators.

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