Amaravathi movie review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

What’s all about?

Amaravathi is suspense and horror film from actor turned director Ravi Babu. The film is not meant to scare but only evoke fear and suspense. Ravi Babu has succeeded to a large extent in his mission.


The plot:

The plot is a bit scary but interesting. An unknown person causes tension and havoc in the city by snatching babies. The person does not snatch babies from the cradle but form the wombs of pregnant women! This is the scary part of the film. The case torments the police force and a clever police officer Venkat (Ravi Babu) is assigned with the task of cracking the case.


Ravi Babu is married to Latha (Sneha) and she too is nine months pregnant. Will the maniacal person attack Latha too and snatch away her baby? Who is the unknown and scary person? Where does he hail from and what are his motives.


Who is Amaravathi? How is she related to the maniac guy Seenu (Tarakarathna) and why is he doing all this? Amaravathi is suspense cum horror film and as such the story cannot be revealed but must be watched on the screen.


The actors:

While Ravi Babu lays the key role of a cop in the task force, it is Tarakarathna as the maniacal and deadly guy who steals the thunder in the film. Tarakarathna who has played hero in all his films so far turns villain in this film. He does come up with an impressive performance and is sure to make a mark with this one.


Ravi Babu is cool in his role as a STF officer. Sneha plays Ravi Babu’ lover and wife and she does a neat job. Bhumika plays a brief but important role of Amaravathi. Kota Srinivasa Rao is seen in a brief role as a psychiatrist cum hypnotist. Gade Sindhura looks stylish as a STF officer.


The bottom line:

Amaravathi is a decent suspense thriller that is meant to not just scarce the audience but also entertains as well as educate them. Ravi Babu has been inspired to a large extent from Hollywood flicks. There are no songs in the film.


The story is new and the screenplay racy enough to keep up the tempo. The music and the background score complement the scary aspect of the movie quite well.


Finally Amaravathi is a film that will appeal only to those who enjoy suspense and horror flicks. The film offers very little for the regular audience.

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