Amala Paul’s Side Business

Amala Paul is one of the talented heroines in the film industry who was not explored well. She did not get the right roles in her career to achieve the star heroine status. But, she is trying to present herself the best from what all she is getting.

Amala Paul Business
Amala Paul Business

On the other side, she is not stopping herself from making use of her remunerations properly. She is making high plans to make use of her money by investing it in right areas. Like the other heroines, she is also making plans to use the remuneration in a proper way. If the buzz is believed to be true, she is investing her money in Nutrition business.

After the floods in Kerala, Amala Paul is determined of starting a new business of producing nutritionally high foods and with this, she wanted to provide employment to a lot of women. Amala is confident of tasting success in the new venture as she will have a less competition in the market.

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