Amala Paul-Vijay want kids soon!

Actress Amala Paul and her soon to be husband director A L Vijay called a press meet yesterday, on May 26th, to finally talk about their wedding and their plans for married life. And it was at this meeting that the duo confessed to wanting to start a family soon!


Amala said that her priorities had changed and that she will no longer take roles in purely commercial movies but would reserve her picks to one that truly gave importance to her performance as an actor. So this would be kind of a goodbye to movies for the hugely popular young starlet for now…

The press then casually asked if they were planning to have kids soon and the quick witted Amala shot back with “How many kids do you think we should have?” Her beau took the mic form her at this point and added that with everyone’s blessing they would start a family soon.

He also said that they were best friends and marrying one’s closest friend also mean that they knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and were excited and prepared for their life together now.

The couple is to enter into wedlock this June 12th in Chennai after an engagement ceremony in Kochi on June 7th.

As far as Honeymoon plans go, the young director replied that he simply can’t take the time off from work right now as he has to wrap up his movie Saivam.

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