Amala Paul – Vijay Marriage Confirmed!

It had been a long while of speculations and half truths regarding the alleged relationship between actress Amala Paul and director Vijay, until it was confirmed by Amala’s mother Anees Paul on behalf of her daughter.


The story unfolded in true cinematic fashion as Anees initially had no clue of anything going on between Amala and Vijay. It seems like the media, to whom they constantly denied their relationship, they had managed to keep her mother in the dark too.

It was later that Anees suspected something when she glanced over Amala’s phone bill and noticed the sheer volume of communication between the two secret lovers. Even then, she just assumed it might be professional in nature as Amala was indeed working in Vijay’s movie.

When the young starlet did indeed confess her feelings for the director to her mother, she was shocked and was worried about her daughter’s young age. But apparently, love does overcome all odds as her mother soon started to realise the depth and maturity of the relationship and has now given her blessing.

To an eager media, she stated that her daughter’s marriage to the young director will take place in Chennai but the engagement ceremony will probably be in Kochi.
It has been a long time coming and the talented couple are finally bringing their love to the light and taking the proverbial leap.

Amala had worked with Vijay initially in Deiva Thirumagal and then in Thalaivaa. Their feelings for each other had grown over the years until this very jubilant moment of truth.

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