Amala Paul and Vijay are engaged!

Finally! Today was the day the couple and the fans had been eagerly waiting for – their first step in to married life – actress Amala Paul and director A L Vijay got engaged today in a Christian ceremony at a a church in Kochi!

Amala Paul-Vijay-Engagament

The ceremony started at 3 pm today and the guest list was a small one which included only those closest to the lovers – some of the big names present from the film industry included Chiyaan Vikram, Anushka Shetty and director Lal Jose among others.

Both Amala and Vijay have promised that the guest list of their wedding in Chennai on June 12th however, will be a star studded one worthy of all the glossy magazine covers. In true loving fashion, the wedding ceremony will be held according to Hindu Chettiar traditions though the engagement was a Christian one – one hell of a way to show those who love you and the world that compromise is the keyword in a successful relationship!

Both Amala and Vijay have been open about their relationship since they announced it to the world a few months ago, and immediately, without much ado, started planning their lives together. They even called a press meet recently to answer any and all questions the fans may have.

Amala has also made it clear that after the wedding, she will be taking a step back from acting and focusing on her family life. She said that she would not be completely retiring from the industry but would be rather only choosing performance oriented roles and not masala entertainers.

In any case, congratulations to the betrothed lovers and may you have a jubilant wedding and an even more joyous married life!

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