Amala Paul Opened Up On Sexual Harassment

Very recently, there were a lot of reports that Amala Paul undergone a sexual harassment. Amala Paul herself made allegations that the owner of a Malaysia based dance school has misbehaved with her. The manager named Alageshan has revealed that Amala Paul’s manager Pradeep helped to meet the actress. The manager Pradeep has been telling that he has never seen the dance school owner and Amala Paul is also supporting the manager.

Amala Paul Manager
Amala Paul Manager

Amala Paul has opened up about the issue that media is reporting her manager in a poor light and asked everyone not to do that. She also clarified that her manager is a good person and she clarified that she is staying silent because the case is in the court.

Vishal, the president of Nadigar Sangam, appreciated Amala Paul for openly coming up and filing a complaint under sexual harassment.

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