Amala Paul clarifies on actresses and marriages

Actress Amala Paul, who is now one of the leading women in Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood, recently shared her views on actresses and their decision to marry. Amala opened up with IANS in an interview, stating that marriage is a personal choice even for starlets and the decision to marry is not affected by the fear of losing competition or career. She expressed that marriage is a very private decision that is taken more out of an individual choice than career. She cited examples of married actresses who are still on top league and women who are single and rocking the screen even after 30. "We live in India, and to act post-marriage needs a lot of family support. Not all families are open to the idea of seeing their daughters or daughters-in-law act after marriage," she opined. Talking about women having shelf life in industry like that of films, Amala rubbished the whole concept saying that there is no such thing as shelf life and there are only sabbaticals taken out of priorities by leading women who want to be with their families. Amala is now busy with many projects in Telugu and Tamil and states she herself has a long way to go about thinking of marriage.

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