Amala fired from movie for getting married!

Yes, apparently, it is that simple! Actress Amala Paul who is to be married to director Vijay come this June 12, has been fired from the Telugu film Vastha Nee Venuka, due to her marital plans and the makers have asked the would be bride to return the advance paid for the project!

A source close to the director of the flick Ramesh Varma, has revealed the rather callous and impersonal reason: The film is a romantic entertainer and they feel that the change in the actress’s marital status would be counterproductive to the movie’s reception by the audience. They are also upset by the fact that Amala did not reveal her marriage plans at the time of signing the movie.

To be fair to the young starlet, her relationship to her beau and their marriage plans all kind of unfolded in front of the media in a very short time, creating quite a buzz. Perhaps, the actress hadn’t anticipated the chain of events that would follow or the impact of her ‘marital status’ on her work.


The film industry can be just a moneymaking machine at times and this proves it. While the response of the makers of the flick to the news of her marriage may make sense business wise, it sure is rude to make public such a decision in the days leading up to her happiest moment.

Amala herself has maintained that she wouldn’t be quitting acting right away and in fact, she would be working on the Malayalam project titled Mili, before and shortly after her wedding.

But would others make the decision for her? Maybe, the days of the young starlet playing the gorgeous ‘single girl in love’ on screen are over, at least for the profit gurus and market analysts behind the showbiz screen, and maybe she would be willing to trade it for the real thing – but who makes the final decisions? The fans of course…

So, are we too stubborn to let go of our petty prejudices or is this one of the reasons why many young actresses have to choose between a successful career on screen or starting a real life family with one they love?

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