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From the past few days, people have been waiting to see Bellamkonda Sreenivas on the big screen. The reason for this is that his father Bellamkonda Suresh is a big shot film producer. Taking Samantha and Tamanna into the cast itself raised the levels of expectations among audience. Shattering all the suspense, Bellamkonda Sreenivas finally came on to the big screen today with “Alludu Seenu”. Read on to know whether this father and the son impressed the audience with the flick or not.


This film revolves round the fluoride water problem in Nalgonda area. Bellamkonda Sreenivas (Alludu Seenu) aspires to go to Dubai and earn a lot of money. He will have Prakash Raj as his guardian. Few issues happen and instead of going to Chennai, Sreenivas and Prakash Raj goes to Hyderabad. There they will meet another Prakash Raj (Bhai). The relation between Bhai and the original Prakash Raj is the main bang. In the course of action, Alludu Seenu falls in love with Samantha (Anjali). Anjali is the daughter of Bhai and this don fixes her marriage with Rohit who is the son of another don in Sharjah. “How Alludu Seenu manages to get his love? What is the relation between the Bhai and original Prakash Raj? How Alludu Seenu solved Nalgonda problem?” should be seen on the big screen.


All eyes are on Bellamkonda Sreenivas. All the other characters are highly experienced ones and Sreenivas did his best to cope up with the pace of the other actors. Even though, it is his first flick, Sreenivas showed professionalism. In fact, his height is a good fact and the charm in his face too looked good on the big screen. With respect to dance, Sreenivas can be considered as a close competitor to the present generation top dancers in Tollywood. On an average, Sreenivas gave good performance in this debut flick.

Even though Tamanna is on board as an item girl, it is Samantha who oozed lot of glamour on the big screen. This lady dominated the show with her glamour in the songs. As an experienced actresses, both Tamanna and Samantha did their best on the screen.

Among all the supporting artists, Brahmanandam made audience roll on floor laughing. V V Vinayak casted his spell once again on the audience using Brahmanandam. Previously, Brahmi was hilarious in Vinayak’s “Adhurs”. Now, the director did the same magic with this star comedian. Other comedians too supported well to the situations.

Prakash Raj has the most challenging part in this flick. He acted in dual role and the two roles are completely opposite. Prakash Raj managed to show the variation to major extent.

Technical Aspects:

Production values are quite rich in this venture. Bellamkonda Suresh showed his stamina with this flick. This venture can be considered to be the richest debut flick in Tollywood. The sets for the songs were a visual treat and the producer didn’t compromise on the locations. In India, he showed several locations apart from Sharjah in Dubai. Right from the costly cars till the charter flight, Bellamkonda Suresh gave the best for his son.

Story could have been much better. Even though Vinayak showed his mettle with this flick, he gave more interest to visuals rather than to the story. Editing, cinematography and production values were well maintained.

Final word:

First half of the flick deals with how Sreenivas sets the trap to make Samantha fall in love with him. The second half deals with how Sreenivas and Prakash Raj shatter the villains giving back the money to Nalgonda plant. In between, the story has few twists and comedy scenes. It is perfect commercial flick and the ‘A’ rating is given not for the violence scenes!

Tag Line: Richest debut flick with good visuals – Good for youngsters!

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