Alludu Seenu Movie Loss!

Top film producer Bellamkonda Suresh is now moving with that motto. After the film “Alludu Seenu”, Suresh is investing lots of money on the upcoming films. He says that he likes to experiment with ventures and he is interested to invest a bomb on Bellamkonda Sreenivas’ upcoming projects.


Even though “Alludu Seenu” got good name and fame in the industry, this flick has not yet covered the investments of Suresh. As per the details, a total of around 10 -15 Crores is yet to get recovered by the venture. As new films are getting released, this venture may not longer mint money at the box office. Hence, we can say that this flick incurred a loss of around 10 Crores for the producer.

But still, Suresh is quite happy and he is least bothered about the profits and the losses he gets in the industry. He is even aiming to make a high budget flick with Sreenivas in future. “Dhoom” series is his target in Telugu. Sreenivas has to be proud to have a highly investing father like Suresh!

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