Allu Sirish’s black lady humor in Filmfare awards

The mega hero Allu Sirish has once again shown his charm in the recently organized South Indian Filmfare awards. His humor has now become the talk of the industry.

Allu Sirish- Filmfare awards
Allu Sirish- Filmfare awards

Sirish along with the young hero Vijay Devarakonda have hosted the event of Filmfare awards. During the event, a comical video was showcased on the hosts to create fun. The video is all about the famous anchor Viva Harsha interviewing both Sirish and Vijay. As the Harsha asked Sirish’s dreams, Sirish said that it was his childhood dream to lift the black lady with his hands whenever he saw Chiru bringing one home. As he is unable to get one, he then told that will lift the lady in black who is Viva Harsha there itself.

Apparently, that was fun for all the invites but it has to lead to some unwanted racist remarks as he referred Harsha as black. End of the day, everything was pre-planned and created only for fun.

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