Allu Arjun’s word on Drunk and Drive Video


News broke in the media that Allu Arjun was caught in ‘Drunk and Drive’ case. Soon after Police stopped Allu Arjun’s car, few media officials took the videos and the photographs of the incident. Seeing Allu Arjun in a different mood, few media segments promoted that he was drunk.

Speaking on this, Allu Arjun stated that he was perfectly in good condition. He stated that, he asked Police officials to send media away as he is feeling little uncomfortable. Allu Arjun explained that the Police observed his state in breath analyzer and concluded that he didn’t have any drinks. He further stated that Police department won’t leave him like that if he was in drunk state.

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Allu Arjun fired on the media which showed him in negative sense. He stated that one particular segment of media promoted negative aspect and it got circulated all over the channels and the print. He asked media to stop spreading this fake news. Just like TRS, Allu Arjun too may file case on that particular media in near future.

Here is Allu Arjun Recently Released I am That Change Video:

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