Allu Arjun wants to do a Malayalam film

Allu Arjun, the stylish young star, is definitely one of the top stars in Tollywood but the actor has a pretty huge following in other states too, and Kerala is one of them. Many of the actor’s movies release in dubbed version in the state and there are many eager fans who flock to these every time, earning him his place among the notable stars among the Malayali audiences.


Now, the Bunny star says he would love to do a Malayalam movie!

The actor was recently in Kerala, inaugurating the opening of one of the branches of a huge jewelry franchise and it was during this visit that the actor mentioned his desire to the media.

“I would love to do a Malayalam film if someone approached with me with the right script. I have always admired the movies and the stars here, especially Mammootty and Mohanlal.” Allu Arjun said.

No this is not a new one as far as Mollywood goes, as many actor from other industries have often expressed their desire to do movies here – perhaps the amount of raw, experienced talent and the reputation of the industry being that of a ‘serious’ and disciplined one, with many national laurels to its name might have something to do with it.

In any case, if he chooses to, it’s pretty obvious that Malayali audiences will welcome him with open arms…

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