Allu Arjun waiting for bride

Stylish star Allu Arjun says he does not believe in love. The actor, who has played lover boy in each of his films, claims he is not in love with anyone and is simply waiting for his parents to choose a bride for him. Though Arjun adds he would not blindly accept any girl proposed by his parents. Arjun was speaking at the audio release function of his forthcoming movie Varudu where he added that he has his conditions for a suitable match. “I have been born and brought up in the city and so I feel a city-bred girl would suit me best. She should, of course, believe in family values,” said Arjun. His father Allu Aravind reacted with mock outburst, “I was shocked by Arjun’s revelation. My wife and I are very eager to get Arjun married. A month ago, we asked him whether he was in love with any girl. I was shocked when he said no. When we persisted, Arjun insisted he was not involved with anyone and that we had the freedom to choose a girl.” Certainly not a case of life imitating art here.


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