Allu Arjun turning into Nizam’s Prince!

Allu Arjun Nizam Prince

Stylish Star Allu Arjun decided to capture Nizam region just like Pawan Kalyan. Compared to all the Tollywood heroes, Pawan Kalyan enjoys the top place in Nizam area. He has huge following in this area and distributors comes up with top level offers for Pawan’s flicks.

Nitin and Dil Raju generally bags Pawan Kalyan’s films in Nizam area. Now, the same craze is being seen for Allu Arjun’s films. As per the latest talk, Allu Arjun – Trivikram film got 15 Crores offer from Nizam distributors.

If this turns true, we can consider Allu Arjun as the Prince of Nizam. After Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun holds top position in the present generation heroes in Nizam area. His films in the past too got good collections in Nizam area. “Julayi” gave good profits to the distributors and hence they came up with high level offers.

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