Allu Arjun suffering from Cancer

As per the sources stylish star Allu Arjun is suffering from Bone Marrow cancer from the past two years. This news has been leaked on the facebook. Since it has been detected in initial stages, there is nothing to worry and will recover for sure.


There is news that the actor is suffering from Bone Marrow cancer, due to the intake of steroids, during the making of his “ Desamuduru” to get a six pack body for that movie.


There is news that Allu Arjun knew about this almost 18 months ago. During the making of “ Varudu” last year, he underwent through a special treatment for a span of fortnight, in an undisclosed foreign country.


Now, the stylish star is on a recovering spree and his family members hope that this serious illness will soon heal. For this reason, he visited a Dargha on RP Road, Secunderabad, during the release of “ Varudu”. But the media was answered that he was praying for his movie success and were kept ignorant about his illness.

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