Allu Arjun’s views on Telangana Issue

Allu Arjun has opened up his mind on Telangana issue in Hyderabad today. Allu Ajun participated in an interactive program with college students. He talked at length on various issues but all of a sudden he was asked by a student regarding his views on Telangana. Initially though he was uncomfortable to speak on the issue, he anyways gave his views finally. Allu Arjun stated on Telangana as All I can say is that Telangana people are generous towards film industry and they have no differences when it comes to movies.

" I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. The people of Telangana encouraged the movie of our family members a lot. But it is not right to link films with politics. I am a Hyderabadi and all you guys present here are Hyderabadis too. And we are talking about films. So where does the question of Telangana or Andhra arise?" he said.

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