Allu Arjun at Radio Mirchi

Yesterday(June 20, 2011) Tollywood Stylish star Allu Arjun did Hal Chal at Radio Mirchi station in Hyderabad.He was shared the success of Badrinath film with his fans in Radio Mirchi.

Radio Mirchi held a on- Air contest on the success of ‘Badrinath’ movie which was attended by Allu Arjun, the contest named as "Meelo Badrinath Mirchilo Badrinath". The contest is that callers will have to write title track lyrics in four lines the same time movie song as well. There was a huge response for this contest and got many phone calls for this program . Through this program 5 of lucky winners gets a chance to meet stylish star Allu Arjun. Arjun requested all the audience to watch the movie.

The Contest is

Get ready…!!!
Paataki Parody….!!
Bunny ni kalisey chance kottandi!!!!!

Baga poetry aipoinda??simple ga cheptanu…

Naath naath…bardinath title song ki parody kattandi…1st 4 lines ki…end lo badrinath ani raavali….

example :-

Bike ekkithey BADRINATH
Bike digithey BADRINATH..


Allu Arjun fans expressed happiness for to meet Allu Arjun over this program and they also thanked Radio Mirichi for conducting this contest.


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