Allu Aravind response on Allu Arjun’s Marriage!

After news flashed in the media and Channels about Allu Arjun marriage with K.Sneha Reddy, Allu Arjun’s father Allu Aravind came out to clarify the news.

Allu Aravind confirmed that news is true, but talks were on between the two families for the past one month and the couple have been seeing each other for more than a year now. As per the sources Allu Arjun is in love with Ms K. Sneha Reddy, daughter of Mr K.C. Shekhar Reddy, the chairman of SCIENT Engineering College in Ibrahimpatnam.

Allu Aravind said “Talks are going between our families. We didn’t want to disclose the details until the match is fixed. But few media circles leaked the news out which didn’t please either of our families. This hurts the feelings of us. Media shouldn’t take liberty over personal issues,”

While the Allu family is fine with the match, the Reddys are yet to take a decision.

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