Allu Aravind apologizes to the people!

Allu Aravind who has allegedly insulted the Indian flag on Independence Dat has apologized to the Telugu people.

Speaking to the media he said that the insult was not done purposefully and also lamented that the media targeted him unnecessarily making him look like a villain.

"However I wish to apologize if I hurt the sentiments of the people" said Allu Aravind.

On August 15th Allu Aravind unfurled the Indian flag at the Chiranjeevi blood bank. While he was unfurling the flag, it snapped and fell down. They again tied the flag and unfurled it.

Well everything seemed alright till then. But it was not! The flag was unfurled upside down!!! Incidentally none of the people present there including Allu Aravind and the PRP leaders could recognize this blunder on time and realized it only after sometime and by this time the media covered this extensively.

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