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Rating: 2.5/5 Introduction

Despite repeated postponements of the release of the film, its cast did throw a strong expectation among the audience. The strong labour pains only resulted in the delivery of a weak child. The objective of its director Muppalaneni Siva is clear – to give a wholesome comedy to the audience. But, he gets into a raw deal, making the movie sound like a mere stage play.  


A dreaded lady factionist (Telengana Sakuntala) kills her rival. Getting into the police jeep, she orders her brother ( Chalapati Rao), “Take my daughter and take care of her studies. When I return from jail, I will look into the killing of my third and last rival through your son. After that, I will ordain their marriage.” After 14 years, the boy is Dr. Anand ( Venu) and the girl is Priya (Mallika Kapoor). One day, Anand happens to save the life of a lady, who attempts suicide when her boy declines to marry her. Anand barges into the marriage venue, lifts the bride by force and performs his marriage with the lady. As a result, the marriage of Swathi ( Parvati Melton) is stopped. The girl finds Anand responsible for the breakdown of her marriage. She continues to pester him for getting back the dowry which her father paid to the groom. Little skirmishes between them result in love. Exactly, when they are about to marry, the lady factionist, mother-in-law (MIL) of Anand, is released from the jail. Anand has no other go, but to go the jail to receive her, leaving the marriage process. The MIL mistakes apartment watchman Veerababu ( Allari Naresh ) for her son-in-law. Meanwhile, her daughter Priya also arrives from the US along with her FIL. Does she kill her rival and perform her daughter’s marriage? It forms the crux of the story. 


Screen chemistry between Venu and Parvati Melton is superb and the same is the case with Naresh and Mallika Kapoor. In fact, it is Telengana Sakuntala who steals the limelight from start to finish. The entire film revolves round her. Her mannerisms make a major highlight. Raghu Babu’s role as the last target of the factionist is hilarious. Dharmavarapu has a lengthy footage in this movie and the chief surgeon. Krishna Bhagwan, Kondavalasa, and Duvvasi gave adequate performance. 

Technical Details

The story is brought out well but for a nagging screenplay. Direction by Mupplaneni Siva is good, but he couldn’t lift the characterization factor, leaving all the roles half-baked. The first half is good with some comedy scenes, but they are not sufficient to tickle the audience, going by the movie’s title. The second half goes out of kilter resulting in a weak climax. The guess of the audience goes always correct in most scenes.   Music by Chakri is a major asset to the film. Songs are average to good. Though the numbers are not situational, they are well canned. Dialogues are rhythmical in several scenes.  Comedy plays a major role in the film. But, the director failed to match the scene with its mood, thus weakening its impact on the audience. The crackers blast scene between Raghu Babu and Telengana Sakuntala is simply hilarious and remains the real rib-tickler. However, the treatment goes mediocre for the rest of the film, there by robbed of the repeat audience. Producer SK Basheed deserves kudos for his good production values. 


The movie opened to good collections. Weak second half, nagging screenplay and stage-like takings are big minus points to the film. Yet, it can have some relief in B and C centres.



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