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Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)


Ravi (played by Srikanth) meets Chandu (JD) as the latter tries to steal from a local super market and they get to talking about each other’s troubles and the immediate need of money. Just then one of Chandu’s distant relatives asks for his help in selling some land, using fake documents and a proposition to split the profit. The extra risk being the buyer, a major goon-businessman based out of Dubai.

The deal keeps running into blocks and gets attached to a number of new parties.The uber tiresome end of the film is when Chandu ultimately gets a taste of his own scheming attitude.

Empty writing and dull techniques

As mediocre as our films may be, at least most of them are in focus. Adding to the film’s boring narrative and tiresome humor is its lack of finesse in every possible department which I would gladly like to attribute to the writer, director JD (many
scenes were OUT OF FOCUS).


There was never a single moment in the entire film where any of the actors had any material that’ll let them stand out nor has the film enough of an improvisational direction to help the actors seem less foolish.

JD had allotted himself enough scenes in ghastly costumes and had a song or two to show off his humble stupidity.

Srikanth had always been through films that seem more like a survival instinct and now it seems like those are the only kind he’s got left to do.


This is a film for nobody.

Reviewed by Rohit
[email protected]


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