Ali’s Vulgar Comments on Anushka’ Thighs

Ali Comments on Anushka Thighs
Ali Comments on Anushka Thighs

Recently a NRI woman Anupama Sunkara bashed Tollywood comedian Ali for making nasty comments on women during film related functions. The video went viral on social media and it was the hot topic in the industry at that time. Now once again Ali made shocking controversial comments on Anushka Thighs.

Ali’s comments on heroines and anchors still going on and now the latest heroine joins in his list is Anushka Shetty. He made some comments on her thighs at Size Zero audio launch event.

Tollywood star comedian Ali has so far created some controversies with his Vulgar talk during the audio release functions and various other events.

After commenting on the likes of Samantha, Suma etc, during the audio launch event of Anushka’s ‘Size Zero’, Ali was unstoppable when he made elaborate Vulgar comments on Anushka’s thighs .

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With indecent expressions and words, Ali compared Anushka’s thighs to popular sweet ‘Jilebi’ and said that Anushka has best thighs in film industry.

Surprisingly, Anushka seemed to be enjoying his vulgar talk and was laughing throughout his speech. Until and unless someone teaches him a good lesson on public platform itself, he won’t stop making those indecent comments at actresses.

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