Ali’s Satire on Sunil?

Noted Telugu comedian Ali has delivered a sensible speech at the audio launch event of Sapthagiri starrer ‘Sapthagiri Express’ movie. However, some of his comments look to have been targeted at Sunil.

Comedian Ali and Sunil
Comedian Ali and Sunil

Star comedian Sapthagiri is making his debut as lead hero with ‘Sapthagiri Express.’ Ali has made a general statement, ‘if a comedian scores a hit as lead hero, he can try a few more films as hero. But, one must not stick to lead hero roles and neglect the comedian characters which have actually brought one to that stage.’

Ali has also acted in a few films as hero and scored few mega blockbusters like ‘Yama Leela.’ He, however, continued as a comedian and is still ruling Tollywood. On the other hand, Sunil turned as a hero when he was at the peak and stuck to his decision of doing only hero roles. Unfortunately, the actor has been delivering only flops these days.

Did Ali target Sunil with his statements?

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