Ali’s Satire On Anasuya going Viral

Comedian Ali is back in the news again. And this time, Ali is back with his adult comedy remarks again. The comedian who also happens to be an active event host recently hosted an Awards event along with Anasuya for a popular entertainment channel. Anasuya and Ali have been seen with utmost energy levels and they entertained everyone who attended the event.


Meanwhile, when Raj Tarun came on to the stage, he was seen all alone on the stage and he has to announce the name of the winner and give away the award. During that time, Raj Tarun asked both the hosts, “Naku Evvaru Jatha Lera?,” as everyone before has come in pairs before Raj Tarun entered the stage. Anasuya immediately moved out of the podium to accompany and help Raj Tarun but within no time, Ali said, “Evvaru Jatha Kavalanna Vellipothava”

Though this evoked few laughs, everyone is not completely happy about the remark.

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