Alibaba Okkade Donga Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Story Line : Lucky (Ali) comes to city to make his dream of becoming a S.I true. His parents are in the impression that Ali is living comfortably and earning well. Truth is, Lucky is in financial struggle. Suja helps Lucky to get a job as a sales executive in a bike company. Lucky is cheated and when one of the bikes is stolen he is into problem. One financial problem leads to another and Ali is in complete crises. Because of his name in the police records, Lucky fails to get his dream job as S.I. In distress, believing he is unlucky, decides to commit suicide.

Ironically, at the same place where Ali is waiting to commit suicide, bank robbery and three murders takes place. Luckily Lucky(Ali )finds one crore cash bag. Lucky’s happiness stays for a night and he finds out about the murders and also that police are believing that the person who is in possession of this cash is the actual culprit. Heroine too believes the same because her Father is also one of the murdered.

Rest of the story is about what Ali did with the cash he found. How did police solve the robbery and murder case ?

The story moves very slowly. Director is not able to sustain the audience curiosity and suspense element through out the film. The second half is very predictable. In the climax scenes, the story very forcibly moves from city to village. In the second half, after watching a song, the framing, art direction, the lyric style, dance
composition, we also get the impression that Director is desperately trying to emulate Director Vamshi.

Ali performed well and did justice to Lucky character. Thankikella Bharani and Shafi are casted in important roles but time of their screen presence is less. All the other artiste and comedians performed well but the dialogues and timing did not support for the comedy to work out. Beggar’s episodes are over done and they start to irritate.

Make up and color correction is terribly bad, and we can notice yellow tint in the artist skin tones. Music and background scores are also a very big minus for the film.

Good thing is Director sticks to the story and also did not try to grab the audience attention with unnecessary glamor and exposing, which is generally seen in many low budget films.

A comedy with suspense elements, it’s a clean family entertainer.

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