Alia Bhatt’s Sexy Promotion for Rustom

Cute Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has turned sexy to promote Akshay Kumar’s latest release ‘Rustom’.

Alia chose to dance to one of the most famous songs of Akshay Kumar, ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ from film Mohra (1994). The original song had yesteryear hottie Raveena Tandon draped in a wet yellow saree and exposing her bosoms to give a maximum kick to Akshay and viewers.

Alia Bhatt Promotes Rustom
Alia Bhatt Promotes Rustom

Following the footsteps of Raveena, Alia also draped herself in a yellow saree to look irresistibly sexy. She oozed hotness with her sexy moves. Alia also wore a cap which Navy officers generally wear to promote ‘Rustom’, which explore the murder charge on a decorated Navy officer.

While ‘Rustom’ makers got their publicity from Alia, viewers soaked in naughty titillations seeing Alia in partly wet yellow saree.

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